General Assembly Program

Agenda General Assembly final


Thursday, 7th May 2015
08:15 - 9:00 Registration and reception in exhibition area/Distribution of documents
09:00 - 12:30 47th CIECA General Assembly

I. Opening

Kari Hakuli, CIECA-President

Welcome from VdTÜV
Dr. Guido Rettig, President of VdTÜV

Adoption of the minutes of the 2014 General Assembly in Dublin
Attendance and presentations of the delegations
Approval of credentials
Appointment of tellers
Explanation of the voting procedure for election
President´s report
Address on CIECA strategy up to 2020 and work plan 2014-2017
René Claesen, Secretary General Treasurer

II. Finances

1. Approval of the financial accounts 2014 and auditor's report
2. Discharge of the members of the Permanent Bureau (Art. 12.2)
3. Progress of budget 2015
4. Adoption of budget 2016

III. Nominations

1. Presentation of candidates for Secretary General-Treasurer and Vice Presidency
Kari Hakuli, President

2. Elections

IV. Report from Chairs of Permanent Advisory Groups, Secretariat and Projects

1. Report on Expert Advisory Group activities
Per Gunnar Veltun, EAG Chairman

1.1. Report of audit visit to Lithuania
Saulius Suminas, Regitra

1.2. Report of audit visit to Dubai
Ali Al Zaabi, RTA

2. Report on Theory Test Advisory Group activities
Mika Hotti, TAG Chairman

3. Report on Secretariat activities
Augusta Sica, Business Manager

4. The RUE Project
Dr. Roland Krause, Vice President

V. Report of the 2016 Congress Hosts

Marta Carrera (DGT), Spain

VI. Introduction to Members' Forum and closing proceedings

Kari Hakuli, President

12:30 - 13:30 Lunch