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Participants from European Community organisations (except German organisations) quoting their VAT ID N° when registering can reverse VAT charges. The VdTÜV will then indicate NET sums on the final billing and the recipient can pay duty on these charges in his/her home country in front of his/her tax authorities. Please enter VAT ID n° without spaces, for example BE9235876587.
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1 The booking and corresponding fee can be cancelled free of charge until 6th March 2015. For cancellations between 7th March 2015 and 10th April 2015 a cancellation fee of 50% of the total amount (incl. VAT) applies. Any cancellation after 10th April 2015 will be charged a 100% of the total value (incl. VAT).
2 I understand and agree on eventually being recorded during all CIECA meetings. CIECA will use these records for its own purpose in order to establish meeting minutes.
3 Please note that when you attend the congress, you automatically agree that all photographs /images taken by our photographer can be published, for example on our website or in association with / in press releases regarding the congress.
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This event is organized by VdTÜV on behalf of the CIECA. We will pass on your details to the CIECA in the form of attendee lists. The CIECA will send you information in future about other events and interesting news and developments. You can refuse to allow your data to be used for advertising purposes at any time.